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Kihei Sunrise Rotary Presents Ethics Lesson to 2nd Graders

360 copies of the “Andy & Elmer's Apple Dumpling Adventure” Coloring & Activity Book by Andrew J. Shoup were purchased by the Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise. These books were distributed to all the 2nd graders at Kamali’i and Kihei Elementary Schools in their classrooms at the end of September. This is an instructional material for an ethics and character development activity that is being taught by Rotarians during three different lessons and visits with the 2nd graders. The objective of the activity is to introduce and make the students aware of the meaning of the Rotary Four-Way Test and how they can use it in their lives to make positive decisionsStudents were shown the video of the “Andy & Elmer's Apple Dumpling Adventure” and the coloring/activity book was given to each student to demonstrate the lesson that Andy learns – that even in the world of successful business there are good reasons to care for and about others.

This coloring/activity book was written by a children’s author, Andrew J. Shoup, associated with the Fairborn Rotary Club in Fairborn, Ohio, as a means of sharing the Rotary Four-Way Test with children. Five members of the Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise served as “teachers” to present the first 30-minute interactive lesson to the second graders. They were assisted by club volunteers in the presentation of the lesson. The first lesson was written by Club President, Joanne Laird. Follow-up lessons #2 and #3, written by Youth Service Chair Joanne Doell, will be presented in November and December at these two schools. Both Laird and Doell are retired educators. States Joanne Laird, President of the Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise: “Our club listed the ‘Keiki of Kihei’ as one of our leading priorities for this Rotary year. Offering this activity makes a positive connection between these children and the Rotarians from our Kihei Community. We look forward to returning to the 2nd grade Kihei classrooms to further share these character-building activities with our youth.”

This activity is among the many community service activities and projects sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise. Rotary International has over 1.2 million members worldwide meeting at 32,000 clubs in 207 countries. The Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise, which is one of nine clubs on Maui, meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. at the Five Palms Restaurant in the Mana Kai Maui Resort.

(NOTE: Although the Andy & Elmer's Apple Dumpling Adventure Literacy Program was initially implemented in 2nd Grade, it has most recently been implemented in 3rd Grade by the Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise. Please read the testimonial by Joanne Doell.)

Click here to view the Kihei Sunrise Lesson Plan.

Bringing “Literacy and Values” to 2nd Grade Classroom – via READING!

In RI convention 2008, Rotarian, Educator and Retired Principal of Mechanicsburg PA school district Mrs. Marcey Whiteside learned about the Andy and Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure program. Her inner core was re-energized to take what she has done best during her professional career a notch up!

December 2007, Marcey initiated a program for developing a partnership with one grade level (2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade) in the Cumberland Valley School District PA.

After procuring approval and support from MNRC, Marcey went on a crusade to “READ the social values to 2nd graders in 16 schools.” A gargantuan task executed with professional finesse, which Marcey was always credited with and honored for during the NN years of her educational career. MNRC extends heartfelt THANKS to Marcey! THANK YOU Marcey and all the MNRC Rotarians who extended their support.

By the end of 2008, Marcey had developed the reading program. 12 MNRC Rotarians volunteered to read the book to 2nd grade students in SIX elementary schools in Cumberland Valley School District PA.

The reading program included:

  • Online and printed presentations

  • An activity book given to each student in the classroom to keep

  • A bookplate located on the inside cover explains that it was given to the child compliments of The Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg North

  • A retelling of the story in coloring book format as well as various activities that reinforce the Four-Way Test

  • Teachers assigned the book to be read for homework that night

In addition, the classroom and school library received hard copies of the book. Each child in the classroom received a soft cover coloring/activity book. The coloring book is the story. The activity portion of the book reinforces the story.

This also acts as a stepping stone for the essay contest our Rotary Club sponsors with the 9th graders begun in 2007 in reference to the Four-Way Test (MNRC sponsored program).

The reading program was executed during the school year 2008.

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Aztec Service Learning Project

Andy and Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure, by Andrew J. Shoup was read by the fifth grade Aztec Team to the third graders at Fairborn Primary School. About ten third grade classes were read to by the Aztec Team. The third grade classes learned the Four-Way Test. The Four-Way Test asks four questions to help you make good decisions.

During this project, we learned to improve reading fluency, more about comprehension and how to be better role models for younger students. We also learned how to make apple dumplings, how to follow recipes better and how to measure ingredients. Fifth grade volunteers learned how to sell better, how to count money and to compromise with each other. We learned how to thank people better by writing letters.

The fifth grade Aztec Team felt that it was amazing to read to third graders. We were so thankful that we got to read and also teach the ten third grade classes to read better. This project was a valuable learning experience for our team. We thank the adults that allowed us to participate in this project. We enjoyed making apple dumplings, writing letters and reading Andy and Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure. We also thank Mr. Robinson and the Fairborn Rotary Club for helping with the project.

Kayla Watson, Dalton Rodgers, and Brandon Benning, Jr.
Fairborn Intermediate School

The Rotary Club of Portola Ethics and Literacy Project


The Rotary Club of Portola, as part of their literacy and ethics program for the youth of our community, presents to the entire C. Roy Carmichael School 2nd grade class a copy of The Apple Dumpling Book. With the 2nd grade class, and standing from left to right, is Rotarian President Ralph Taylor, Rotarian Butch Niford, Teacher Mrs. Aurora Metz, Teacher Mrs. Kris Heavin, Teacher Cheryl Cheney, Rotarian Pam Gill, Rotarian Diane Niford, Principal Rick Kline and Rotarian Jim Murphy. The Apple Dumpling Book was created by The Rotary Club of Fairborn, Ohio and promotes the “Four-Way Test” that all Rotarians practice. The four way test is: Of the things we think, say or do; Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? and Will it be beneficial to all concerned? “The Apple Dumpling Book uses a very clever story line that promotes to our children these very important lessons in life” says Rotary President Ralph Taylor.


The Four-Way Test Project for Youth

The Willingsboro Rotary Club has initiated a pilot Four-Way Test Project with the 3rd and 4th grade students in one of Willingboro’s five elementary schools. Students at Willie R. James Sr. Elementary School in Pennypacker Park, under the leadership of Rotarian and the school principal, Dr. Lorraine Foy, were each issued a book purchased by the Willingboro club from the Rotary Club of Fairborn, Ohio, its publisher. The book entitled Andy & Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure is a story written and illustrated by Andrew J. Shoup, a noted author of children books. It involves the use of the Four-Way Test by the story characters in dealing with an apple dumpling business they develop. As an additional motivator, the Willingboro club also issued to each of the children a dictionary containing a Four-Way Test label adhered to the inside front cover.

After the students in the 3rd grade read the story, a dozen volunteer Rotarians in groups of 4 or 5 were invited into each of the four classrooms to address the children and to answer their questions about Rotary, the Four-Way Test, and the story. The opportunity was there to emphasize how Rotarians live by the Four-Way Test and each Rotarian gave an example of how the test was effective in the decision process during one phase of their working experience or home life.

This spring, the 4th grade students in the school will participate in a pilot Essay Contest regarding how the Four-Way Test is affecting their life decisions. During the later part of the year, an assembly including parents of the involved children, will be organized for the contest winners, teachers, principal and the school to receive prizes and awards presented by the Willingboro Rotary Club. The long-range plan is to expand the program into the other district elementary schools over the next several years.

The club’s Four-Way Test committee, co-chaired by Rotarians John Celani and Club President John Beltz, submitted and received a district 7500 simplified matching grant (DSG) to help finance this project. It is hoped that this project will change the lives of the children for the better as they grow, accept the responsibility for their own family, and become productive citizens in our society.

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